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*since 2021
flying car

intellectual capital

we are master communicators, senior marketing, brand and product strategists, seasoned legal and finance experts who bring both immediate and long-term impact to your team

relational capital

the connections we have to the highest levels of industry, innovation, policy-making, investing, and trusted advisors in business, philanthropy, innovation, and government accelerate success in virtually every situation

creative capital

our creative thinking, problem-solving, designs, campaigns, and strategic counsel accelerate progress and ignite differentiation and deep engagement with target audiences

we build &
protect brands

working with companies and individuals that are either transformative or in transformation (or both) is the essence of what we do

we are problem seekers &
problem solvers

helping market changers change markets and empowering disruptors to disrupt


what’s in the studio*

we define brands, their narrative and other forms of brand expression for a wide range of world changing businesses, from the psychedelic revolution to flying cars to transforming the finance industry.
*clients we’ve invested in through our investment vehicle, pilkrōs, are marked with an

flying car

the dream realized. the ultra-high-end vehicle that is equally at home on the road or in the sky.
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generative ai for healthcare

the first safety focused LLM for healthcare

venture capital for the insurance ecosystem

empowering entrepreneurs shaping the future of insurance.


delivering the most advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics to those who seek a longer, healthier, and more vital life.

seafood watch

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for a healthy ocean.

majority whip in the california senate

senator district 15 state of california

environmental services

the environmental, economical, and effective alternative to daf skim haul away and land disposal for both animal harvest and prepared foods plants.

bridging the U.S. and China markets

East West is a full service commercial bank focused on the U.S. and China markets.

280 parks spanning 1.6 million acres

Parks California is on a mission to make our state parks and public lands welcoming, inclusive and climate-resilient spaces where all people throughout California truly feel at home.

providing Real Estate to the Rapidly Emerging Cannabis Industry

AuxoCap solves a major problem for Cannabis Industry growers and retailers while providing Investors with a range of options to participate in the growth of a multi-billion dollar industry.

challenging economic theory

nobel prize winning economists and thinkers from a range of disciplines who challenge conventional wisdom and advance ideas to better serve society.

it’s about sprouts

leading food tech company focused on human health, wellness, and longevity

psychedelic revolution

using psychedelic medicines as a means to create sharing, love and connection in the world.

lifting people out of poverty through capitalism

leveraging the intellectual capital, relational capital and patient financial capital—or three-dimensional capital—of industry-leading families from around the world.

industrial hemp

providing nature-based solutions to industry that accelerate the regeneration of the planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance.
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universal basic income

working to raise awareness of universal basic income (ubi) and to promote its understanding, acceptance and implementation.


where health and wellness media and technology integrate into your life through a curated library of the world’s best films, series, courses, yoga, fitness, coaching and telehealth.
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sleep apnea

a patient centric biotechnology company developing the oral drug that will revolutionize the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

banking for the underserved and underbanked

a digital financial services company championing financial wellness for everyday people and their communities.

aging better

igniting bold and equitable changes in how older adults age in home and community.

the county of silicon valley

the county of san jose, palo alto, cupertino, sunnyvale, mountain view, santa clara…where companies “lead not follow… innovate and not replicate”

government of victoria (mrna)

establishing a world-class mRNA and RNA industry by supporting supply chain and R&D for pre and clinical research, commercialisation and manufacturing investments.

luxury assets as capital

the leading provider of confidential non-bank loans that use borrowers’ luxury assets as collateral.

advanced materials​

a leading global manufacturer of technical ceramics that leverages its expertise in engineering and materials science to address complex technical challenges in the semiconductor, medical, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

tomi adeyemi

writer, creative director and entrepreneur. time 100 + over 92 weeks on the new york times bestseller list.

changing a sport’s narrative

the official governing body of the sport of polo in the united states. founded in 1890, the uspa promotes the game of polo

book better®

weconvene is the cloud-based event-management platform that helps the capital markets community book better® by making the creation, distribution, marketing and execution of professional meetings

our strategic messaging approach

what you think.

thoughts transformed

the way you think determines your business objectives. we want to understand the core of your business – what it is that motivates you and who you want to reach. this insight allows us to create key messaging for a story that accurately reflects your brand.

what you say.

words illuminated

what you say informs public perception, and effective messaging has the power to inspire a positive response. we can help you communicate what you value and what you’re hoping to achieve to the people who matter most.

what they hear.

brand amplified

the alignment of your thought and messaging controls what it is that people hear. staying true to a strong message and distributing it with consistency ensure effective communication between your business and your target audience.

before the comma®

is our unique naming process that works in collaboration with clients in their ideation of a new business or product

after the comma®

our mission is to control the narrative after the comma®


rick keating

rick keating is chief executive officer at keating and originator of the firm’s think. say. hear.®️ philosophy. described by clients as a master message maker and storyteller.

author of how to control the narrative after the comma, a book set to publish in 2024. rick and his firm are called upon by industry #1s, forbes 400 families, venture capitalists, private equity firms, nonprofits, and governments worldwide to address high-level messaging, branding, and communication to prepare his clients to address their opportunities or situations.

serving the saudi royal family, paul tudor jones, george soros, the institute for new economic thinking, bill porter, bob stiller, the getty family, the coors family, zoe cruz, bertelsmann, vivendi, nyse, new york board of trade, clearing corporation, international securities exchange, saudi arabia, france, israel, australia, great britain, uae, south africa, india, the conference board, the county of santa clara (silicon valley), vanke, the sandoz foundation, nikon, endgame, cylance, emirates, virgin, alain ducasse, hippocratic ai, and many others. we have won almost all industry awards including being a runner-up for agency of the year and being recognized for excellence in legal communications.

rick has served on many boards, including the board of overseers of seton hall university’s john c. whitehead school of diplomacy and international relations, the shakespeare theatre of nj, the visual arts center of nj, and new eyes for the needy. he is currently a member of parks california advisory council, and advent health’s national advisory council, and is a senior advisor at mckinsey.

rick is a graduate of villanova university with dual degrees in english and communications, and the mit-harvard public disputes & mediation program. a sub 2:50 marathoner and avid cyclist.

bill fallon

bill is a seasoned marketing and business strategist, line executive and master communicator who has held executive positions in fortune 10, newly public, high-growth private and venture-backed startup companies.

he has worked at the forefront of several of the most important technology and media developments of the past three decades, including wireless messaging, smart phones, cloud computing, cybersecurity, online trust, digital rights management and digital content delivery among many others, with companies including ibm, at&t, general magic (sony, apple, motorola, at&t backed venture in silicon valley), audible,, easylink services and the comodo group. bill graduated from the s.i. newhouse school of public communications at syracuse university, new york university’s interactive telecommunications program (itp), and the columbia university executive program in business administration.

ben barnes KeatingCo

ben barnes

ben barnes is one of the nation’s leading public policy experts, providing insights, analysis, advocacy, and regulatory representation at both the state and federal levels. his relational capital is extensive in both the public and private sectors, making him a highly sought-after resource in a wide range of matters, from crisis management to strategic business development and financing.

a protégé of president lyndon johnson, ben barnes won a seat in the texas house of representatives at the age of 22. he became a top lieutenant and close ally of texas governor john connally. three years later, barnes was elected texas speaker of the house. at 26, he was the youngest speaker of the house in state history. five years later, barnes was elected lieutenant governor, again the youngest ever, garnering the most votes of any statewide candidate in texas history. he remains a major player in national politics and was referred to by the houston chronicle as one of the most influential texans in washington. he is a member of the board of directors of the eleanor and franklin roosevelt library and the roosevelt institute, is affiliated with the lbj school of public affairs at the university of texas and serves as the vice chairman of the lbj foundation.

matt mcfarlane

matt is an attorney and entrepreneur with a deep background in the life sciences supported by more than a decade of academic research in neuroscience, physiology and molecular biology. having worked in highly technical areas, matt has a unique ability to integrate and communicate multiple complex concepts within the context of a single coherent research proposal, theory of the case or business plan.

matt has a law degree from fordham law school, a phd from stanford university school of medicine (molecular & cellular physiology) and an scb from brown university (biochemistry). he has served as a director, trustee or advisor for several non-profit organizations and for-profit ventures.

nick herne

nick has 30 years experience in banking, sales and trading  and startups, with a focus on strategy, tactics, platform operations and risk. he has held positions managing thousands of people and billions of dollars globally and locally at three of the top five investment banks. starting at ibm, moving to jp morgan, merrill lynch, morgan stanley and citi group.

on many occasions he has been recruited in to failing or under pressure businesses successfully identifying issues and solutions and executing on associated plans. he is known for his breadth of insight and ability to understand business from macro to micro creating detailed, integrated plans of action.

nick has a doctorate in engineering and computing he has strengths in analysis and problem solving and has led investments in nearly 40 startups with almost 80% being successful.

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